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35 years experience...

Developing a unique approach.

With many years of experience, our team has accumulated solid expertise in mental health with families in the region.


We have developed a unique approach, recognized throughout Quebec, that effectively meets the specific needs of families who are accompanying one of their loved ones toward recovery.

Psychosocial intervention

Individual and/or family consultations with the goal of developing knowledge, enhancing skills, and supporting the family in the process of adjusting to mental illness.

Psycho-educational trainings

Educational activities that enable participants to develop knowledge, skills, or attitudes related to individual or family coping strategies.

Self Aid

Activities that consist of peer-to-peer time with supportive facilitation.

Information and Awareness

Activities aimed at transmitting information and sensitizing the population and the various milieus on mental health issues, their impacts on the members of the entourage in order to break down prejudices.

Social intervention services

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We support family and friends by offering them services adapted to their needs; listening to them, informing them and training them so that they can face the daily difficulties caused by the presence of a mental illness in a loved one.

Answers to your questions

Our services are completely free!


However, you can make a voluntary contribution or make a donation for which we will provide you with a tax receipt.

In fact, you cannot have him treated against his will. You can, however, make a request to order custody for psychiatric evaluation under the Protection of Persons Whose Mental Condition Endangers Themselves or Others Act.



The only ground that allows family or relatives to request a psychiatric evaluation for a loved one is that his mental state presents a danger to himself or others.


We find the statement of this ground in Article 27 of the Quebec Civil Code, which reads as follows: “If there are serious grounds for believing that a person presents a danger to himself or to others by reason of his mental state, the court may, at the request of a physician or an interested person, order that he be, despite the absence of consent, temporarily kept in a health or social services institution to undergo a psychiatrix examination.”


Contact a member of our team to see what you might try.

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Although we are largely funded by the Community Agency Support Program (CASP), we need your help to help others and to maintain and improve our service offerings.

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