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“I felt like a bike messenger trying to deliver a very valuable package at full speed in traffic on bad pavement. I was pedaling a bike that had some experience and no protective gear.

I was going at full speed, I often fell and then got back up again, neglecting my injuries. All I cared about was my precious package. Several falls and the inevitable accident happened.

I realized that it was not only my precious package that was important, but that I had to arrive in good condition and that there were other roads to take to get to my destination. Even better, I learn from Chantale that the package could go a long way without me “carrying” it to its destination… But my old reflexes are still there and recalcitrant.

I describe things with more clarity than before, but I was driving in a fog just last month. The fog is less dense but my journey is still fraught with pitfalls and I can’t always see myself going so I continue with Chantale, my valued advisor.”

It's going to be fine.