About our

Certification with
Réseau Avant de Craquer

Guarantee of the quality of the services offered

A long process

Concerned about the quality of the services offered to the members of the entourage of the person suffering from mental illness, we participated in the development and implementation of a provincial normative framework.

We are proud to have been the first to obtain our recertification.

This community-based project identified parameters to guide the organization of services across the province.

We are proud to have been the first to achieve Certification in 2009 and once again the first to achieve recertification in March 2021!

Service Standards

The continuous improvement process of the quality of the services offered focuses on the following dimensions: the targeted clientele, the recognized problems, the services offered and the personnel.

The association ensures the reception and integration of the person who seeks help. It ensures that the person’s needs are well defined in order to offer adapted services. This orientation includes a range of services such as: psychosocial interventions, information activities, self-help groups, training activities, awareness activities and respite care measures. Note that the association that is not financially consolidated must clearly establish its service priorities, with the level of certification being established according to the number of basic services offered.

The association is responsible for providing quality services by competent personnel in order to meet the needs of the members of the entourage of the person with mental illness. In addition, the association must demonstrate client satisfaction on an annual basis.

Standards for Administration

Administrative functioning concerns the composition and functions of the Board of Directors with respect to its responsibility to ensure that the association is well managed, that it offers quality services, and that the members of the entourage are satisfied with the assistance received. It adopts and enforces the code of ethics proposed by the Réseau Avant de Craquer. The latter includes the rights and responsibilities of the people who use the services as well as the duties of the staff towards them and towards the association.

Any person who uses a service may file a complaint. A complaint may be made verbally or in writing. Upon doing so, the association follows the complaint review mechanism set forth in its code of ethics.

The association is protected by a comprehensive insurance policy, professional liability insurance, and directors and officers liability insurance.